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Panama City, FL

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Alaqua Animal Refuge


Location: Freeport Florida
   Alaqua Animal Refuge in Freeport, Florida was our first chosen shelter to sponsor and Angel “paw-delivered” the donation herself in the amount of $273.00 in April, 2014 (This amount was matched by a donor so it was actually equal to $546.00).  This shelter was chosen because of the outstanding job that the staff and volunteers do in order to save and protect these once, unwanted animals. If they are unable to adopt out an animal, they do not end that animal’s life, they allow the fur baby to live out their lives at this safe shelter. We only sponsor NO-kill shelters because we believe every animal deserves to live life to the fullest. Ms. Laurie Hood is the angel on earth that opened this shelter and she along with her staff cares for 300 animals on any given day. If you are ever in the Freeport, Florida area, stop by and tell Ms. Laurie Hood that I sent you!

Angel and the Founder: Laurie Hood
Angel smiling with Dr Amy Williams

The Buddy Foundation

Location: Arlington Heights, Illinois

    What once was a 13-year dream has now become a successful reality for the animal lovers from the Chicago’s NW Suburbs.  They were able to build the sanctuary where animals are able to live until they can find their forever homes. The Buddy Foundation is dedicated to finding permanent, loving, responsible homes for animals they foster. Their goal is to help them become cherished family members and receive the attention and gentle kindness that each one of them deserves. Most of their animals are found strayed or abandoned in the NW Suburbs of Chicago.  All animals under their care are veterinarian checked, given the appropriate shots, spayed or neutered, micro-chipped and either placed in their shelter or in a loving foster home.The Buddy Foundation20140528_181113

Special Case:  Shelter SOS

Responding to  a Shelter SOS 306 dollars was donated to help the beautiful dog below .  The money was directly donated to the Gateway Animal Hospital


Noah’s Ark Rescue

Location:Okatie, South Carolina

  Ms. Jennifer Smith founded the rescue in 2007 and she makes sure that she helps the saddest of sad cases – the horribly injured animals that are left to fend for themselves until they suffer a painful death or they are euthanized because other rescues/shelters think that these animals are going to cost too much money to save.  Ask yourself how much is too much for the life of an animal? That question should never have to be answered but sadly, it does exist on a daily basis. That is why I tell each of you that no donation is “too small” because if we all stand up and put our hard earned dollars to work, we can make a difference ~ One shelter/rescue at a time. We were proudly able to donate a total of $323 to Noah’s Ark.

Noah's Ark Noah's Ark 2

Save Our Souls

Location: Claxton, Georgia

  In the rural area of Claxton, Georgia, there is an animal control officer but no animal control shelter.  Stray dogs are euthanized immediately because there is nowhere to put them.  While there are many animal loving people in the area, there is also an overwhelming apathy regarding the plight of animals.  Dogs are dumped on dirt roads or even in dumpsters and they are treated like property that can just be disposed of at will.  But the dogs of Claxton do have one angel/warrior on their side, Ms. Cynthia Simerson, owner of Save Our Souls.  Ms. Cynthia works tirelessly to help save as many animals as she can. At this time, Ms. Cynthia is providing care for 77 dogs.

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