Most importantly, do not think or feel that their life is over because it is not over, it will just be a new beginning for them and for the family members. It takes time for them to adjust to their new lifestyle (Angel took a good 6 months to “map out the house”) but before you know it, they will surprise you by yipping and barking when you come back home and let them know you are there. Here are a few tips:



Just provide your pet with lots of love and attention. Make sure you have lots of patience because everyday is not going to go as smoothly as others. It will sometimes seem as though your pet is confused and they will seem to bump into every object in the room but just remember that this is a huge adjustment. Pretend you woke up one morning and had a blind-fold on your eyes for the day, I bet you would be confused too and you would probably not get too many chores done during the day. You would probably sit on the couch and not do anything if the truth is known, so be understanding of their situation too because they did nothing to deserve this and it is certainly not their fault. They will just require extra love and care but their quality of life will continue to be a good one as long as you are there to show them the way of life through your eyes.


Angel sees with her heart, not with her eyes!