Location: Bondsville, Massachusetts

Donation Amount : $413

  This shelter has the puuurfect name as it truly is a new beginning for the dogs that are lucky enough to be saved by this rescue.  Also, we decided to end the year with a very successful auction that was held by a very dear facebark friend and auntie, Auntie Gillian.  Due to her hard work and determination, we wanted her to chose who these funds went to and she chose an amazing place too called Rescue Rappin’ Biggie Small N’ Baby G. They received $1,500 from my Paw-It-Forward auction funds on Dec. 2. 2014 and the funds immediately went to rescue a baby with hydro and a deformed skull. The baby’s name is Stewie (Stewart) and his Christmas miracle was able to come true because of each one of you that participated in the auction.