Location: Cordes Lakes, AZ


This month we chose Raven Pines Dog Rescue which is located in the State of Arizona. The donation made this month was in honor of two furriends that earned their angel wings, Sapphire the Pug Hudman & Tequila Barnhill.  Although this was a sad month, their memories will live on by us continuing to help sheltered furbabies that are not as lucky to have that forever home (yet).  We donated $403 to help with the furbabies care while at this pawsome shelter.  At Raven Pines Dog Rescue and Rehabilitation, “Saving a life is not enough.  The whole dog must be saved.”  The dogs in this shelter are transformed and made to become the best that they can individually be.  They enter back into life as a partner, a friend and a loyal companion to a deserving home. Keep up the pawsome work Raven Pines.